Each of our attorneys have years of experience dealing with all types of family law matters. Even a simple case can have long term consequences and it’s important to talk with an experienced attorney. Some issues that we can help with include:

Complex Estate Divorce

Do you own a business? Does your spouse own a business? Do you have a family trust, or inheritance? Do you think you have a maintenance claim or that your spouse may have a maintenance claim? When it’s time for you to move forward we can help identify issues and complications and help you maximize your outcomes.

Military Retirement Issues

Military Retirement has changed recently and our attorneys are up to date with the latest regarding SBP coverage, TSP issues, and general retirement issues.

Custody & Paternity

Custody cases are often more complicated than they appear and communication can be hard enough without having to wade through taxes and support calculations. Our attorneys can assist you in reaching your goals for a fair parenting schedule, whether through settlement negotiation or trial. Just because there is an agreement today, if there is no Judgment or Parenting Plan then it’s impossible to predict tomorrow.

Modification & Relocation

Parents need to move for work, for school, and other reasons. Missouri has specific requirements about relocating children and even the most well meaning of parents can run afoul of the law in relocation cases. As kids age needs change and modification, for relocations and other needs, are a part of ongoing custody needs.

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